Wednesday, 6 June 2012

EURO 2012

The league games are over and its time for the big league stars to bring glory for their respective countries. The Three Lions lead by Hodgson are under pressure, well the English always are. The favourites for the championship are the defending champions Spain- but may their opponents can beat them the new Chelsea way as they say it. The other finalist of 2008 follow the world champions and then come the Dutch. For the moment all the three sail in the same boat. All have some big talents and some big time experience. But past does not count ever. Remember the world champs lost their first world cup finals against switzerland, that was some awesome defensive tactics by swiss. The other under achievers along with England are may be Portugal where many have a point to prove. Italy and France are still in queue. Personally I always love a few upsets and surprises. Last time Turkey did that for quite a long in the tournament. This time Ireland led by the legendary Italian can do the same. Well all that can be seen only in a few couple of days when the football fest begins in Europe hosted by Poland and Ukraine. Lets not rule out any team. I myself don't really know all the team players so well, except England. Maybe the tournament will give us a few more names to cheer about. From the neutral point of view its gonna be amazing. EURO 2012!!!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The First One

       This is my first blog ever. I hope to do a good job.
       Since this is my first attempt I will try to be short and quick. I love writing but let me warn you I might be a real bad writer. But I would never know, cause never wrote anything big to get bad remarks except in school. I do maintain a personal diary but that is put to use only sometimes. I thought of blogging before but could never do it. I like trying new things and stupid ones. lets hope this stupidity turns about fair to me.
     Well as the title goes my blog will have stuff about life and football. I gave a fair thought about what I should blog about and then came to the conclusion of the title. I realized I am good at talking about life, philosphy, idealistic talk and make my friends go crazy and bore them out. The other thing I am good at is Football. I love talking and playing about it so much that my friends think I get an erection on just hearing the word football. And football is the reason why I started this. The EPL just came to a dramatic end and it made me think what I would be doing until the next season is around the corner, so I came up with the idea of blogging.
      Like I said I will be very short for the first time. I hope I can continue this and not come a very premature halt. Hope to interest atleast a few people. Goodbye.