Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The First One

       This is my first blog ever. I hope to do a good job.
       Since this is my first attempt I will try to be short and quick. I love writing but let me warn you I might be a real bad writer. But I would never know, cause never wrote anything big to get bad remarks except in school. I do maintain a personal diary but that is put to use only sometimes. I thought of blogging before but could never do it. I like trying new things and stupid ones. lets hope this stupidity turns about fair to me.
     Well as the title goes my blog will have stuff about life and football. I gave a fair thought about what I should blog about and then came to the conclusion of the title. I realized I am good at talking about life, philosphy, idealistic talk and make my friends go crazy and bore them out. The other thing I am good at is Football. I love talking and playing about it so much that my friends think I get an erection on just hearing the word football. And football is the reason why I started this. The EPL just came to a dramatic end and it made me think what I would be doing until the next season is around the corner, so I came up with the idea of blogging.
      Like I said I will be very short for the first time. I hope I can continue this and not come a very premature halt. Hope to interest atleast a few people. Goodbye.

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