Monday, 1 July 2013


I am a dreamer and a hopeless one. I dream that someday in near future I will watch Indian team play in the FIFA World Cup Finals. Someday I might be able to start a small time football club back at my hometown. Maybe either one of them will come true. But right when I am making such huge plans, I come across an article that has only three photographs and a little description. It makes me think if I can really think about football for kids when the primary issue is good education for these young minds. Its a matter of perspective, one can use football for kids who are passionate about it and give them necessary education for their upbringing. The bigger issue in India when it comes to sports (except cricket) is the necessary support from the parents. Without the change in attitudes towards sports, no major success can be achieved. It will definitely take some time or may be it is happening as we speak. What I can hope is when in a few years time, when I lay the stones for my dream the society will be ready. I hope and pray for that to happen. Do pray for it. may be next time I will share more about the dream.
 To know what I was talking here is the photograph.
A School under a Bridge In Delhi.

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